This is the Gulf War for Truth

Year past there was a group called “Gulf War Veterans of the Northeast” well we are the ones for the truth.

Facebook and some of the past leaders of the NGWRC stopped it a long time ago.

Back in the old days of the NGWRC a small group banded as a small group and if you did not agree with them you was branded as a “VA insider” or you worked for the DoD. Worse yet you was just nuts and hated the veterans¬†and was harming them.

This was done because¬†we may have had an idea that we wanted pushed too; but it was “not in line” with this group.

They the many groups of the NGWRC was fighting for control and before long there was only a small number of them left by 2002.

Most of use wised up and left. Since then there has not been any real laws passed to help us.


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